Private Sector to Become 2nd Largest HLS Industry Customer by 2011

One commonly neglected customer of Homeland Security products and services is the Private Sector. According to Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC)‘s flagship research, 2007-2011 U.S. Homeland Security Government and Private Sectors Market Outlook released in Jan 07, by 2011, the Private Sector will trail only the DHS in HLS industry procurement volume. This stems from the forecasted 50% Private Sector procurement growth from 2007-2011, totaling an accumulated $28.5B:

The largest private sector “customers” are the Chemical & Petrochemical industries, the ”Defense Industrial Base” and the IT Industry, while largest HLS markets for procurement of goods and services include Perimeter Protection systems, Cyber & IT security systems. In this latest research the Private Market is analyzed and segmented by industry sector (e.g. banking & finance, chemical & HAZMAT, energy, water) and products/services category procured (e.g. perimeter protection systems, cyber terror security, biometric systems).

private sector of homeland security industry