Standoff IEDs and Suicide Bombers Detection Systems Market

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Market growth: From  2009 $0.25 billion to $1.5 billion by 2014

The threat posed by IEDs and suicide bombers is the key to the emergence of transformational counter-terror technologies and tactics. The maturity and deployment of new standoff technologies capable of detecting IEDs, suicide and other terrorists at a safe distance will change the landscape of homeland security and the global war on terror. This year will be remembered as the year in which the multi-billion dollar standoff terrorist detection market was born. Like the introduction of Radar and Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) technologies during WWII, the maturity and deployment of several standoff technologies capable of detecting suicide and other terrorists at a safe distance will change the landscape of homeland security and the war against terror.

HSRC’s, Global Standoff Terrorist Detection Technologies & Markets – 2010-2014, presents detailed analysis and forecasting of this rapidly evolving market in 305 pages, 174 figures, 91 tables and 83 sub-market  2009-2010 data & 2011-2014 forecasts. Profit from in-depth analysis of standoff explosives and terrorists detection systems markets segments:
  • Standoff Suicide Bombers detection
  • Standoff vehicle Borne IEDs
  • Standoff behavior detection & tracking
  • Stimuli-based behavioral detection
  • Standoff IEDs Detection Systems
  • Walk-by Threat Sensing Systems
  • Pass-through Threat Detection Corridors
  • Standoff Biometric Identification Systems
  • Pass-through threat detection corridors
  • Walk-by threat detectors systems
The report includes  an in-depth analysis of:
  • Local 2009-2014 market size (e.g. US, Japan, India, China, Middle East, EU)
  • Present and pipeline technologies
  • Maintenance and upgrade markets
  • 33 government financed programs
  • 76 vendors
  • Competitive analysis ,SWOT analysis ,market drivers and inhibitors
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