The U.S. and China “Quantum Computing Arms Race” Will Change Long-Held Dynamics in Commerce, Intelligence, Military Affairs and Strategic Balance of Power


A recent Quantum Computing Technologies & Global Market – 2017-2024 report
reveals that we are in the midst of a U.S. and China “Quantum Computing Arms Race”
one that will result in groundbreaking computing power, enabling disruptive new
quantum computing technologies. Those will have the potential to change long-held
dynamics in commerce, intelligence, military affairs and strategic balance of power. In
the near future, the realization of quantum computing will lead to a revolutionary
computing power, with wide-reaching transformational applications.

According to the 2-volume, 529-page, 242 figures & tables landmark report, this race is
projected to propel the Quantum Computing Market size to $10.7 billion by 2024, out of
which $8.45 billion stemming from product sales and services and $2.25 billion from
government-funded Quantum Computers, Quantum Computation, Quantum
Information, Quantum Processor, Quantum Software and Quantum Cryptography R&D

If you have been paying attention to the news on the quantum computing industry and
the evolution of national efforts towards realizing a scalable, fault-tolerant quantum
computer that can tackle problems unmanageable to current supercomputing
capabilities, then you know that something big is stirring throughout the world.
In a way that was unheard of five years ago, quantum physicists are now partnering
with corporate tech giants, to develop quantum computing as the foundation of a
second information age. Eighteen of the world’s largest corporations (e.g., Lockheed
Martin, IBM, Google, NEC, HP, Toshiba, Intel, Mitsubishi, Alibaba, Microsoft, SK
telecom, BAH, KPN, Airbus, Raytheon, NTT, Fujitsu, and BT) and dozens of
government agencies are working on quantum computing or partnering with startups
such as D-Wave.

Near-term expectations for quantum computing range from solving optimization
problems, big data analytics and artificial intelligence through quantum computing
services in the cloud.

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