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14th Annual Cyber Operations for National Defense Symposium4th Annual Cyber Operations for National Defense Symposium

August 2-3, 2017, Alexandria, VA USA


The Defense Strategies Institute’s 4th annual Cyber Operations for National Defense Symposium focuses on the policy and operations necessary to ensure freedom of operation and defense of US Networks. Cyber leaders from all aspects of the defense community will come together to discuss the ever-evolving cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and opportunities that our nation faces. The 2-day event will focus on defensive cyber operations and the necessity of dominating cyberspace to fight and win in a multi-domain battle. The Symposium will also address the efforts by DHS to protect the US Government’s networks and the nation’s most critical infrastructure.

Notable Presentations from the following industry leaders:

  • Maj Gen Burke “Ed” Wilson, USAF, Deputy Principal Cyber Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, Senior Military Advisor for Cyber, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, OSD   
  • MG Garrett Yee, USA, Director, Cybersecurity Directorate, HQDA CIO/G6   
  • Sherrill Nicely, Chief Information Security Officer, CIA  
  • Richard Naylor, Senior Cyber Advisor & Deputy Director Counterintelligence, Cyber Operations, Defense Security Service
  • Christopher Painter, Coordinator for Cyber Issues, US Department of State

Register online at: http://dsigroup.org/cyber-security-symposium-registration/

The Symposium is open and complimentary to all DOD and Federal employees and is considered an educational and training forum. Email celliott@dsigroup.org for the complimentary registration form.

For additional information email celliott@dsigroup.org or call 201.672.8745

Future Armoured Vehicles Weapon Systems

Cyber Intelligence Europe

5-7 September 2017, Bucharest, Romania


For more information, contact at: events@intelligence-sec.com

Cyber Security is continuing to be a major concern for many European governments and the threat is becoming greater each year. Cyber Intelligence Europe will provide in-depth case studies of recent threats and attacks faced to government infrastructures. Many governments are increasing their focus on developing strong cyber defence strategies against possible attacks. With this in mind, our 5th annual Cyber Intelligence Europe conference and exhibition will bring together leading public sector officials who will discuss their cyber security plans, strategies and current capabilities.


The conference will also provide in-depth case studies on recent cybercrimes being faced to computer systems and response countermeasures to cybercrimes that are faced. There is an importance for governments across Europe to share information on recent attacks to help with threat intelligence techniques.


We are pleased to be hosting the event once again in Bucharest, Romania where the new government will be placing a focus on building their cyber security plan and strategy for the next few years.For more information regarding this international event please contact us at events@intelligence-sec.com

or  +44 (0)1582 346 706.

12th annual Defence Exports

12th annual Defence Exports

Crowne Plaza St Peter’s Hotel & Spa, Rome, Italy

27-28 September 2017



SMi Group’s Defence Exports conference will provide essential updates from leading representatives of government and industry on their best practices for complying with export controls. A truly global event, delegates will hear from government speakers and senior international trade compliance professionals from around the world on regulation controls including ITAR, EAR, ECR, Dual-Use and the Wassenaar Arrangement.

As well as understanding how these leading organisations optimise their global trade compliance programmes to maximise efficiency, this year’s 12th Annual event will deal with the critical developments of 2017 making a profound impact upon the defense trade including a new administration in the White House, Brexit and the growing threat of cyber.

Featured speakers will include: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italian ministry of Economic Development, Department of Global Affairs – Canada, UK MoD, Ministry of Defence – Israel, Wassenaar Agreement, German Federal Office of Economics and Export Controls, European Commission, Boeing, L-3 Communications, Hohmann Rechtsanwaite, Securus Strategic Trade Solutions, BAE Systems and more.


There will also be 4 workshops included in the agenda.


There will be more information updated on http://www.defence-exports.com/homesec.

UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe

UAV Technology Central & Eastern Europe

Hotel International, Prague, Czech Republic

27-28 September 2017


As a key platform for the enhancement of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, UAV systems have great potential to meet requirements as an affordable and effective tool for the Armed Forces in Central and Eastern Europe. With a strong regional interest in growing this capability, common security concerns and a need for enhanced situational awareness, UAV Technology Central and Eastern Europe will aim to proactively discuss the strategies and technologies that will maximise UAV’s effectiveness during training and missions.


 Contact: Theresa Chung at: tchung@smi-online.co.uk

Visit website at http://www.uav-technology.com/defcon

Military Flight Training 2017

Military Flight Training 2017

Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London, UK

11-12 October 2017


Contact e-mail: tchung@smi-online.co.uk


Military Flight Training continues to be an essential aspect for Defence Forces and military air craft manufacturers worldwide. With military budgets being restricted globally, there is a need for new training doctrine and new simulation technology to assist with the training of new and current pilots. The 2017 conference will bring together expert training programme managers and industry solution providers, all attending to hear the very latest strategies relating to synthetic and live training and how the ongoing technology revolution is challenging conventional delivery of pilot training.


This conference represents a unique opportunity for all military flight training decision makers and technologists to meet and exchange ideas, content and new best practices on how to create the next generation of military grade pilots. 


Early bird offers and special military rates available. Register online at: http://www.militaryflight-training.com/hsrc  

2<sup>nd</sup> annual Air Missile Defence Technology

2nd annual Air Missile Defence Technology

Prague, Czech Republic

24-25 October 2017


Following last year’s successful launch event, SMi invites you to Air Missile Defence Technology 2017 as it returns to Prague on the 24th and 25th October. The agenda has been released and online registration is now live at www.airmissiledefence.com/hsrc.

Bringing together air defence operators and technical experts from the military and industry, the event agenda has been curated to provide a discussion on threats to the increasingly complex air spaceand the solutions available to defeat these threats from the air including missiles, rockets, artillery, planes and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The two-day conference comes at a relevant time, with more nations planning to upgrade or replace their AMD systems and looking to industry to provide their next generation platforms. Furthermore, regional tensions in Eastern Europe mean that air missile defence has become a crucial capability to maintain to compete against new and modern threats including cruise and ballistic missiles and UAVs.


Featured speakers will include: US Army PEO Missiles and Space, Czech Armed Forces, Czech Air Force, US Army, Polish Armed Forces, Royal Netherlands Army, Slovakian Air Force, Hungarian Army, BALNET, NATO AIRCOM, United States European Command as well as leading industry decision makers from Northrop Grumman, MBDA, Lockheed Martin, Weibel Scientific and more.


EARLY BIRD RATES: Book by 31 May to save £400. Book by 30 June to save £200. Book by 20 September to save £100.

Airborne ISR 2017

Airborne ISR 2017

25th – 26th October 2017, Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington, London, United Kingdom

In today’s complex and ever changing operational environment, the demand for comprehensive situational awareness continues to grow. As a decisive and indispensable tool, air based ISTAR is increasingly relied upon to deliver this capability, allowing commanders to gain a thorough picture of the battle space and act accordingly.


This year’s Airborne ISR conference returns once more, to further explore the tactics and technologies at the forefront of ISR operations. The conference comes at a time of renewed importance, as ongoing coalition operations grow in both intensity and scope, an increased demand for information presents a unique set of questions to both the operator and the infrastructure supporting the ISR network.

Key topics include: Future capability development, ISR operations, ISR training and personnel development, NATO joint ISR and ISR research and development.


There will also be a pre-conference workshops on: ‘Every Platform a Sensor’


Early bird discounts!

Register by 31st May to save £400
30th June to save £200
30th September to save £100


Register online at: www.airborne-isr.net/hsrc


For more information please contact: +44 (0) 207 827 6138 or email: scargan@smi-online.co.uk

19th annual Global MilSatCom19th annual Global MilSatCom
7-9 November, 2017  Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel, London, UK

Described as Europe’s leading forum for satcom professionals, Global MilSatCom has been running for nearly two decades and has grown in size and stature every year, attracting almost 500 attendees and 40 sponsors in 2016. The conference’s reputation has been built on the high-level international speakers and decision makers it attracts and the fantastic networking opportunities offered during the 4 days of sessions and workshops.This year’s event will see developments and updates to MilSatCom programmes from around the world from leading figures and networking sessions throughout the 3-day event. Key themes and challenges at the core of the MilSatCom Community will be addressed, including the need for resiliency and robustness within SatCom systems, interoperability and flexibility within platforms, as well as the growing importance of allied collaboration.More details can be found on www.globalmilsatcom.com/homesec.

3rd Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability3rd Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability

14-16 November 2017,  Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK

Contact e-mail: tchung@smi-online.co.uk


As the only event purely dedicated to the area of vehicle protection, Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability aims to deliver a strong focus on the relationship between current requirements, emerging technologies and how these might be leveraged to enhance force protection.

Importantly, a key differentiator this year will be a dedicated pre-conference focus day on Active Protection System covering soft/hard kill active protection in detail. The three-day programme will cover the core areas of survivability in detail, exploring the latest platforms, vehicle architectures, passive/active protection, mobility, counter-IED, EW, un-manned/autonomous solutions, signature management and much more!


What’s new for 2017:

  • National capability development updates from the British Army, DSTL, US Army, German Army, US Marine Corps and many more
  • A key focus on the technology that goes into providing enhanced protection. Hear from industry leaders, including ARTEC, IMI Systems, KMW and Lockheed Martin,
  • A pre-conference focus day exploring the development and integration of hard/soft kill active protection systems (APS)



Early bird offers and special military rates available. Register online at http://www.favsurvivability.com/hsrc

Milipol Paris 2017Milipol Paris 2017

For over 30 years the MILIPOL brand has been synonymous with high quality, international exhibitions covering the field of internal State security. Over the years, the brand has been proudly represented by Milipol Paris and Milipol Qatar. From 2017, the Global Security Asia exhibition and conference, is renamed Milipol Asia-Pacific, so creating the world’s leading international network of exhibitions dedicated to solutions, technologies and innovations for homeland security.

Next events:


Milipol Paris 2017, 21-24 November, Paris – www.milipol.com

Last session welcomed:

– 949 exhibitors coming from 55 countries – 89% of them were satisfied with their participation

– 24,056 visitors coming from 143 countries – 97% of them were satisfied with their visit


Milipol Qatar 2018, 29-31 October, Doha – www.milipolqatar.com

Last session welcomed:

– 230 exhibitors coming from 35 countries – 82% of them were satisfied with their participation

– 6,538 visitors coming from 103 countries – 91% of them were satisfied with their visit


Come and meet the key international players of the public and industrial security sector, and discover and discuss new trends, products and services of the market.

18th Annual Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refuelling18th Annual Military Airlift and Air-to-Air Refuelling

28th – 29th November 2017, Madrid, Spain

This year’s Military Airlift conference returns once more to further explore national approaches to maximising airlift and aerial refuelling capabilities through new technologies and platforms.


With expert led presentations from some of the world’s leading authorities, this two-day event will provide essential insight on rapid response capabilities to ensure troops and supplies can be effectively mobilized when needed; utilizing cost effective strategies for upgrades, modernising existing platforms, as well as acquiring new capabilities.


Key topics include: Forward basing and expeditionary operations, international operability, training, airlift platform acquisition, and air-air refuelling.


There will also be fantastic networking opportunities at two drinks receptions held by Airbus and Boeing as well as a post conference site visit to Getafe Air Base.


Early bird discounts!

Register by 30th June to save £300
29th September to save £200
31st October to save £100


Register online at: www.military-airlift.com/hsrc


29-30 November, London Olympia

UK Security Expo 2017 is a major-scale event that tackles some of the most challenging threats to our citizens, borders and infrastructure. The event provides a unique and secure environment for security experts to come together to buy products, share experience and gain the knowledge needed to address current and emerging security challenges.
With over 250 world-class exhibitors, the show delivers 10,000+ International Visitors to London from Government, Transport & Borders, Major Events, Military, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, CNI and the public and Private Sectors.

200+ Speakers & 250+ Sessions over 2 days.

Reasons to attend:

  • Network with thousands of like-minded security professionals from across the public and private sector
  • Expand your knowledge on the latest security solutions at ­the Technology Workshops
  • See cutting edge technologies in action in the Live Tactical Demonstration Zones
  • Be at the forefront in the fight against the cyber threat by attending the Cyber Conference and Cyber Intelligence Zone
  • Engage with Government Departments including Home Office JSaRC, London Fire Brigade, Met Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, Border Force and the Defence & Security Accelerator
  • Learn the importance of the design phase and how to assess your buildings at our Designing Out Terrorism Conference
  • Attend the Facilities Management Conference to share best practice and benchmark your crisis management plans
  • Learn from recent attacks and major incident response in the Protecting Crowded Places Conference
  • Find out how to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment in the Major Events Conference

Visitor passes are Free-of-Charge
Register now – www.uksecurityexpo.com/hsrcreg

Maritime Information Warfare 2017Maritime Information Warfare 2017
6th – 7th December 2017, London, United Kingdom

Maritime Information Warfare will focus on the growing need for navies to develop their information exploitation capabilities. As navies must now achieve strategic superiority in both conventional and asymmetrical conflict environments, knowledge is the new ‘king of the battlefield’. The utilization of real-time data is key to ensuring mission success – whether it be combatting piracy or a technologically advanced enemy.


The conference will look at the platforms used for data collection; ranging from open source data collection to more traditional ISR systems, and the ways in which that data is examined through big data analytics, ultimately to consider how this effects decision making in the field.


It also captures the current movement within the naval domain – running off the back of the Royal Navy’s ‘Information Warrior’, which is looking to expand its fleets data capture and utilize capability to achieve information superiority at sea.


Early bird discounts!

Register by 31st August to save £300

29th September to save £200

31st October to save £100


Register online at: www.maritimeinfowarfare.com/hsrc


6th – 7th of December 2017, Copthorne Tara Hotel in London

Registration is now live for SMi’s 7th conference on Social Media within the Defence and Military Sector which takes place on 6th and 7th of December 2017 at the Copthorne Tara Hotel in London.


The only social media event focused on the defence and military sector, the conference will explore the top tips and trends surrounding the reality of social media becoming increasingly integrated into defence operations. It will also provide a platform to network with experts from leading military forces including Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom and the USA, as well as key decision makers from solution providers at the cutting edge of innovation such as Cobham, Saab, Fujitsu, and more.


The event will showcase fresh case studies exploring the power of social media during military campaigns such as Bundeswehr’s Die Rekruten on YouTube; the Irish Defence Force’s immersive video and virtual reality recruitment campaign; and how Project Cirrus showcased Fujitsu’s Global Connectivity platform, which has transformed the way the Ministry of Defence collaborates with industry partners.


Register online at www.militarysocialmedia.com/hsrc.