The Recent Terrorist Attacks in Spain and Other Major Terror Events Across Europe Will Drive the Public Safety and Homeland Security Market in Spain to a CAGR of 6.5% by 2022, Says a New Research Report by Homeland Security Research Corp.

WASHINGTON DC, Oct. 17, 2017  

The ISIS inspired terror attacks that took place in August 2017 in Barcelona and Cambrils are a wake-up call to the country homeland security and law enforcement agencies. Following the attacks, Spanish security organizations are increasing their investment in intelligence and security measures to mitigate future terror activities. The two-volume “Spain Public Safety & Homeland Security Market – 2018-2022” report is the most comprehensive review of the Spain Homeland Security market available today.

Spain Homeland Security market is set to undergo a major transformation in 2018-2022 through the following drivers:


  • The August 2017 Barcelona terror attacks and the 2015-2017 terror attacks across Europe have focused greater attention on the threats posed by terrorists and acted as a spur for Spanish authorities to enhance emergency planning and response capabilities.
  • While Spain has a tradition of quite effective coordination among its counter terror and public safety agencies, some inter-agencies coordination problems are an obstacle to harmonized efforts to carry out the country counter terror and public safety missions. This phenomenon increases the national markets due to duplication of purchased systems.
  • Spain’s market for security & safety products is sophisticated and well served. Local defense and security companies are well entrenched in the Spanish security market. Even with a preference for locally manufactured products, foreign products can usually strongly compete based on price and innovation.


Questions answered in this 398-page 2-volume market report include:


  • What will Spain’s Homeland Security market size and trends be during 2018-2022?
  • Which submarkets provide attractive business opportunities for Homeland Security and Public Safety companies?
  • Who are the decision-makers at the relevant Homeland Security and Public Safety organizations?
  • What drives the Spanish Public Safety & Homeland Security managers to purchase solutions and services?
  • What are the customers looking for?
  • What are the technology & services trends?
  • What are the Homeland Security market SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)?
  • What are the challenges to market penetration & growth?


The attacks that took place in Spain are linked to ISIS activity in Europe and are related to similar attacks in the UK, Belgium, Germany, and France. European security organizations are increasing their investment in intelligence and security measures to stop these activities before they occur.

The ISIS terror threats and the migration crisis represent an enormous challenge which the European counter terror & security infrastructure cannot meet. The counter terror and public safety community has already begun a major overhaul of Europe’s internal security and public safety infrastructure, and forecasts estimate that the counter terror and public safety market will reach $146 billion by 2020.

The recent attacks and the migration crisis have highlighted the fact that Western European counter terror and public safety forces are ill-equipped and ill-trained to counter 21st century, ISIS-inspired and trained terrorists. During this forecast period, Western European governments will have to decide how and to what extent they will transform their national counter terror and public safety infrastructure, as well as their intelligence services, while improving interagency cooperation and strategy. Major funding will be needed to improve all counter terror and public safety aspects across Europe, which is forecast to lead to growth that is nearly four times faster compared to the pace recorded in the past five years.


The Europe Homeland Security, Immigration Enforcement & Public Safety Markets – 2017-2022 report consists of 1460 pages and 435 tables and figures. This report covers 16 Vertical, 27 Technology, 18 National, and 3 Revenue Source markets, with each of the 168 submarkets including: 2015-2016 data and assessment and 2017-2022 forecast and analysis.

The report focuses on “counter terror and public safety in Europe,” which is part of the homeland security and public safety global market. Additional reports which feature counter terror and public safety components are:

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