Market Knowledge Base

The list below delineates HSRC’s fields of expertise. New market and product reports are published from time to time according to demand by the customer base. The fields indicated below are those in which HSRC provides custom consultation to industry and government.

Homeland Security Knowledge Base by Market


1. Agro-terror57. Nuc/Rad screening Portals
2. Aviation  security58. Nuc/Rad Terror Mitigation
3. Airport security59. People Screening
4. Aviation Cargo Screening60. Electronic -Fences
5. Civil Aviation ManPad (DIRCAM) Countermeasures61. Perimeter security technologies
6. Cargo Screening62. Perimeter Protection Command and Control
7. CBRN detection technologies63. Perimeter Stand-off Sensors
8. CBRN Terror Mitigation64. Private Sector- Homeland Security Markets
9. CBRN Decontamination65. Safe Rooms – Private Sector and Government
10. Chemical Industry Security66. Seaport Protection
11. Container & Vehicle Screening67. Smart Cards/Access control
12. Cyber Terror Mitigation68. Maritime Smart Containers
13. DOD – Homeland Security R&D funding69. State and Local – Public safety & HLS Markets
14. DOD- Homeland Defence Markets70. Suicide Terror Mitigation
15. Explosives Detection Hand Held Detectors71. Weapon Detection – Homeland Security Markets
16. Explosives Detection Portals72. Vehicle Identification
17. Explosives Detection Stand-off Sensors73. Intelligence Community  Counter-Terror & Crime technologies and Markets
18. Explosives Terror Protection74. Tracking technologies
19. First Responders Markets & Technologies75. Video surveillance
20. Food Terror Mitigation76. C2/C4ISR
21. Government Installations  security ,77. Physical identity & access management
22. Hand-held Baggage and Parcel Screening78. Managed security services
23. Emergency medicine79. Physical security information management
24. Government, HLS and Public Safety Funded R&D80. Location-based emergency notification
25. Banking Industry security81. Consulting & planning
26. Electric Utilities security82. Cyber security
27. Gas & Oil industry security83. Public safety communications
28. Rail security84. System integration.
29. Telephone Industry security85. Safe Cities
30. Water Systems security86. Critical Infrastructure Security
31. Insurance Industry security87. Public Events Security
32. Smart City88. Maritime Security
33. Safe cities89. Mass Transportation Security
34. HLS & Public Safety Bio Agents – Detection90. Land Border Security, First Responders
35. HLS Bio Agents – Protection91. Defense Sector
36. HLS & Public Safety Bio Agents – Decontamination92. Critical Infrastructure Security
37. Biometrics93. Transportation & Logistics, Aviation & Maritime Security
38. Border security94. Smart Cities
39. Building security95. Border Security
40. Chem Agents & HAZMAT  Decontamination96. Commercial & Public Buildings
41. Chem Agents & HAZMAT  Detection97. Entertainment & Casinos Security
42. Command Control & Communication Systems98. Retail – Analytics Securtiy
43. HLS & Public Safety Communications Systems99. Residential Security
44. HLS & Public Safety General Infrastructure Protection100. Mass Transportation Security Market
45. Homeland Security Information Technology Markets101. HLS-Related Cyber Security
46. Land Transportation safety & Security102. Counter Terror Intelligence Market
47. Tunnels & Bridges safety & Security103. Natural Disasters Rescue & Recovery Market
48. Postal Terror Mitigation104. HLS Maintenance, Upgrade & Refurbishment Market
49. Smart and safe  Containers105. Homeland Defense Market
50. HLS & Public Safety Risk Analysis106. Land Border Security Market
51. HLS & Public Safety Standards and Testing107. Military Non-Lethal Weapons Market
52. HLS & Public Safety Industry Overview108. Law Enforcement Non-Lethal Weapons Market
53. Land Transportation – Homeland Security Markets109. Blunt Impact Weapons Market
54. Luggage Screening110. Diverse Non-Lethal Weapons Market
55. Nuc/Rad Hand-Held Detectors111. Anti-Vehicle Weapons Market
56. Nuc/Rad Decontamination112. Weapons that Halt or Disperse People
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