Technology Knowledge Base

Our research and technology knowledge base covers the following technologies and aspects in Homeland Security & Public Safety markets.

1. Background Subtraction110. Electrochemical-Luminescence (ECL)
2. Behavioral Analyses111. Electromagnetic Launcher
3. Biometric ID, CCTV Surveillance112. Electromagnetic Mines
4. Bio-Terror & Disease Outbreak Mitigation113. Electromagnetic NLW Technologies
5. Cloud Video Analytics114. Electron Capture Detectors (ECD)
6. Cyber Security, Command115. Emergency Response use of Social Media
7. Dimension Based Items Classifiers116. Event Detection Methods
8. Distributed Sensors Remote Systems117. Explosives Detection Technologies
9. Event Detection Methods118. Flame and Incendiary Technology
10. Explosives & Contraband Detection119. Flow Cytometry
11. Flood Prediction Software120. Fluorescence Imaging
12. Free-surface Microfluidic Control of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spctroscopy121. Fused Multi-modal IVS Biometric Remote People Screening
13. Fused VA and Biometrics122. Fusion Engines, Event Description
14. Information & Communication Technology123. Gamma Excitation Technologies
15. Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) Technologies (Cloud Platforms)124. Gamma Resonance Tomography (GRT)
16. Intelligent Video Surveillance System Performance125. Gas Chromatography
17. Intelligent Video SurveillanceTracking126. Gaussian Mixture Based Background Subtraction Algorithms
18. Item Detection127. Geographic Information System (GIS)
19. Item Detection Based on Single-Image Algorithms128. Graphite Powders
20. Item Identification and Recognition129. Gunshot Identification and Location Systems
21. Item Tracking Algorithms130. Hand-Held Immuno-Chromatographic Assays (HHA)
22. Item Tracking Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Software131. High Power Microwave Vehicle Stopper
23. IVS & VA based Behavioral Profiling132. HLS & Public Safety Robots
24. IVS Based Face Recognition133. Impingers
25. IVS Reasoning134. Improved Flash Bang Grenade
26. IVS Reporting135. Infrared Imaging Technologies
27. Kalman Filtering Techniques136. Intelligence Community Technologies
28. Kalman Filters Application to Track Moving Items137. Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Algorithms
29. License Plate Recognition (LPR)138. Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS)
30. Managed Security Services (MSS)139. IVS Systems, “Splitting” Items Algorithms
31. MEMS-Based Explosive Particle Detection140. Joint Non-Lethal Warning Munitions
32. Multi-camera Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Systems141. Kinetic NLW Technologies
33. Nano-mechanical Sensors, Electronic Nose142. Laser
34. Natural & Manmade Disaster Rescue & Recovery Equipment143. Laser Based NLW
35. Networked Cameras Tag and Track Software & Algorithms144. Laser Vaporization
36. Object Sorting and ID, Behavioral Analysis145. Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
37. Object Sorting and ID, Item Identification and Recognition146. LiDdr Technologies
38. Partially Observable Markov Decision Process147. Lightweight and Point Detection
39. Path Reconstruction Software148. Liquid and Homemade Explosives Detection
40. People Security Screening149. Location Based Emergency Mass Notification Systems (EMNS)
41. Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM)150. Magnetic Microbead-Base Assays
42. Piezo-resistive Polymer Cantilever, Inkjet Based Wireless ETD Sensor151. MagVis Distinguishes Potential-Threat Liquids
43. Protein Coated Carbon Nanotubes152. Mechanical NLW Technologies
44. Real Time Automatic Alerts Algorithms Online Video Analytics153. Mechanical Technologies
45. Real Time Automatic Alerts Software, Image Segmentation Software154. MEMS Technologies
46. Receptor-based Technologies, Molecularly Imprinted Polymers155. Microfluidic Devices – “Lab. on a Chip”
47. Region Segmentation156. Microwave NLW
48. Remote Threat Identification157. Mission Payload Module
49. Safe City Communication and Infrastructure158. MK19 Non-Lethal Munitions
50. Sensor and Data Fusion Algorithms159. MM Wave Technologies
51. Sensor Array and Neural Network160. Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
52. Shape Based Item Classifiers161. Multi-Frequency Radio-Frequency Vehicle Stopper
53. Silica Micro-cantilever, Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering162. Multi-Purpose Dazzling Laser
54. Smart Cameras163. Nanotechnology-enabled Technologies for Explosives Detection
55. Sorting Actions and Behaviors, Crowd Surveillance164. Nanowire-Nano-cluster Hybrids
56. Sorting Actions and Behaviors, Crowd Surveillance165. Nets & Entanglement Techniques
57. Splitting’items Algorithms166. Neutron Radiography Technologies
58. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)167. NQR Technologies
59. Tag and Track168. Optical Trigger Technology Spectroscopic Analysis
60. Temperature-Stepped Desorption169. Overview
61. Video Analytic Applications,170. Pain Generation Laser
62. Video Analytics Architecture Image Segmentation Algorithms Item Tracking171. Paints and Dyes
63. Video Content Analysis Algorithms172. Partially Observable Markov Decision Process
64. Video Content Analysis, Behavioral Profiling173. Particle Sizing
65. Video Surveillance Technologies174. Path Reconstruction Algorithms
66. License Plate Recognition (LPR)175. Perimeter Security Systems
67. 3D Derived Egomotion176. Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
68. 40mm Human-Electro-Muscular Incapacitation Projectile177. Pre-emplaced Electric Vehicle Stopper
69. Acoustic NLW Technologies178. Public-safety answering point (PSAP), Sensor Network ICT Systems
70. Active Denial Tech System179. Pulse Video Analytics
71. Active Denial Weapon Microwave Technology180. Pulsed-Ultraviolet Laser Raman Spectroscopy
72. Advanced Coherent X-ray Scattering EDS181. Quasi Dual Energy X-ray
73. Advanced Sample Collection, Dual Sensor ETD Technology182. Quasi Tomographic EDS – 3D X-ray
74. Airbag Stoppers183. Radio Frequency (RF) NLW Devices
75. Airburst Non-Lethal Munitions184. Rapid Barriers
76. Amino-silane Coated Nanowires Arrays185. Rapid Microbiological Technologies
77. Antibody-Antigen Diagnostic Core Technologies186. Reagent-less Trigger Core Technologies
78. Area Denial and Barrier Technologies187. Remote Biometric Identification
79. Artificial Intelligence Optimization of Spectrometers188. Remote Particle Stimulation
80. Automated Analysis of Video Surveillance Data189. RFID
81. Backscatter AIT Sample System190. Shape Based Item Classifiers
82. Backscatter People Screening AIT191. Signal Analysis Algorithms
83. Backscatter Screening X-ray192. Slippery Foams
84. Biological Technologies193. Small Vessel Stopping Entanglement
85. Biometrics – Eye Recognition194. Smart Cameras
86. Biometrics – Hand and Fingerprint195. Smart Video Surveillance Systems
87. Biometrics – Voice Recognition196. Sticky Foams
88. Cantilever Nano Mechanical Sensors197. Stun Batons
89. Cast and Artificial Limbs X-Ray Backscatter Screening Technologies198. Super-Adhesive Substances
90. CCTV Technologies199. Super-Caustic Substances/Liquid Metal Embrittlement
91. Cell Broadcast200. Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID)
92. Cell Information Technology201. Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy Technology
93. Chemical Agents202. The Advanced Technology (AT) X-ray Systems
94. Chemical NLW Technologies203. Transportable X-RAY Screening Checkpoints
95. Chemical Technologies204. UV-PLF, Non-Contact Explosives Harvesting
96. Chemical Warfare and Narcotics Trace Detectors205. Variable Particle-Size Impactor
97. ChemiLuminescence (Thermal Energy Analyzers)206. Variable View X-ray
98. Coherent Scatter 2D X-ray207. Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Device Single Net Solution and Remote Deployment Device
99. Combined Technologies208. Video Cameras Gap Mitigation Algorithms
100. Communication Equipment.209. Video Cameras Spatial Gap Mitigation Software
101. Control & Communication Systems210. Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)
102. Conventional 2D X-ray211. Virtual Impactors
103. Counter-Material Non-Lethal Technologies Outlook212. Vision-based Human Action Recognition
104. Cyclone Collectors213. Vortex Generator
105. Derived Egomotion214. Watch Lists fused IVS
106. Directional Multi-Effects Acoustic System215. Water Cannons
107. Distributed Sound and Light Array216. Wireless Sensor Networks
108. DNA Based Diagnostic Core Technologie217. Wireless Video Analytics
109. Dual Energy X-ray218. X-Ray Imaging
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