Homeland Security Market ResearchAviation Security Market & Technologies. Focus on Europe – 2017-2022

Aviation Security Market & Technologies. Focus on Europe - 2017-2022

2016-2022 Market CAGR 8.8%. Segmented By 18 Countries

  • May 2017 Edition
  • 587
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Elta Systems
Elbit Systems
Sandia National Lab
Smiths Detection
Korea Internet & Security Agency

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Aviation Security Technologies & Market - Focus on Europe - 2017-2022

Aviation Security Market Share in Europe [%] by Revenue Source 2016

Following ISIS terror attacks in Brussels and Istanbul airports, one cannot underestimate the importance of an effective European airport security environment and its effect on the aviation security market. Attacks, which were made possible by the airport security loopholes, will need to be addressed and new modes of operations will need to be adopted.
European airport security markets are going through major shifts. Markets once dominated by the U.S. are now moving to Europe and other regions’ airports. New and maturing airport security services and technologies such as automated border control kiosks, cargo screening, cybersecurity, airport perimeter security systems and advanced ICT technologies, create new market niches and fresh business opportunities.
The European aviation security market is forecasted to make a robust comeback, generating a 2016-2022 CAGR of 8.8%.

According to the aviation security market report, the market growth is boosted by the
 following drivers:

  1. The terror attacks at Brussels and Istanbul airports.
  2. The European air passenger traffic growth.
  3. Public demand for enhanced airport security.
  4. Advancements in airport security technology and infrastructure.
  5. The need to streamline airport security processes using new Technologies (e.g., Automated Border Control, ICT) to reduce passengers’ waiting time.
  6. Replacement and upgrades of outdated airport security systems.
  7. Growing aftersales revenues.

This Aviation Security Technologies & Market – Focus on Europe – 2017-2022 report is a valuable resource for executives with interests in the airport security industry. It has been explicitly customized for aviation security industry and decision-makers to identify business opportunities, emerging technologies, market trends and risks, as well as to benchmark business plans.
Questions answered in this 587-page report include:

  • What will the European aviation security market size be in 2015-2020?
  • What are the main aviation security technology trends?
  • Where and what are the aviation security market opportunities?
  • What are the aviation security market drivers and inhibitors?
  • What are the challenges to the aviation security market?


The report presents:

A. Market data is analyzed via 2 independent key perspectives
with a highly fragmented market we address the “money trail” (each dollar spent is analyzed and crosschecked via 2 orthogonal viewpoints):

  • 18 national markets:
    • UK
    • France
    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Sweden
    • Norway
    • Finland
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • Austria
    • Switzerland
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Poland
    • Hungary
    • Czech Republic
    • Russia
    • Rest of Europe
  • 3 Revenue source markets:
    • Products sales
    • Aftersales revenues (maintenance & upgrades)
    • Other revenues (consulting, planning, training, contracted services and government funded R&D)

B. Detailed market analysis:

  1. Market drivers & inhibitors
  2. Business opportunities
  3. SWOT analysis
  4. Competitive analysis
  5. Business environment
  6. The 2015-2022 market

C. Technologies: Baggage & Cargo X-ray Scanners, Security-Related ICT & Cybersecurity, Whole Body Scanners (AIT), Explosive Detection Systems (EDS), Security-Related Baggage Handling Systems (BHS), Explosives Trace Detectors (ETD), Metal Detectors, Liquid Explosives Detectors, Shoe Scanners, Workforce & Visitors ID Documents Screening, Automated Border Control (ABC), CCTV & Ground Radar Surveillance, C2/C4ISR Systems, Airport Perimeter Security, Counter-MANPAD, Multi-modal Security Systems and other Modalities.

D. Aviation security market demand side, including airports passenger security screening statistics at airports. All major airports are presented for each country, including details on the number of screened passengers and screened items for 2016 and 2020.

E. Updated extensive data (including companies’ profile, recent annual revenues, key executives, aviation security products, and contact info.) of the leading counter terror and public safety vendors:
3M, 3i-MIND, 3VR, 3xLOGIC, ABB, Accenture, ACTi Corporation, ADT Security Services, AeroVironment Inc., Agent Video Intelligence, Airbus Defence and Space, Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia Group), ALPHAOPEN, American Science & Engineering Inc., Anixter, Aralia Systems, AT&T Inc., Augusta Systems, Austal, Avigilon Corporation, Aware, Axis, AxxonSoft, Ayonix, BAE Systems, BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd, BioLink Solutions, Boeing, Bollinger Shipyards, Inc, Bosch Security Systems, Bruker Corporation, BT, Camero, Cassidian, CelPlan, China Security & Surveillance, Inc., Cisco Systems, Citilog, Cognitec Systems GmbH, Computer Network Limited (CNL), Computer Sciences Corporation, CrossMatch, Diebold, DRS Technologies Inc., DVTel, Elbit Systems Ltd., Elsag Datamat, Emerson Electric, Ericsson, ESRI, FaceFirst, Finmeccanica SpA, Firetide, Fulcrum Biometrics LLC, G4S, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., General Dynamics Corporation, Getac Technology Corporation, Hanwha Techwin, Harris Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hexagon AB, Honeywell International Inc., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, IBM, IndigoVision, Intel Security, IntuVision Inc, iOmniscient, IPConfigure, IPS Intelligent Video Analytics, Iris ID Systems, Inc., IriTech Inc., Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., ISS, L-3 Security & Detection Systems, Leidos, Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, MACROSCOP, MDS, Mer group, Milestone Systems A/S, Mirasys, Motorola Solutions, Inc., National Instruments, NEC Corporation, NICE Systems, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Nuance Communications, Inc., ObjectVideo, Panasonic Corporation, Pelco, Pivot3, Proximex, QinetiQ Limited, Rapiscan Systems, Inc., Raytheon, Rockwell Collins, Inc., Safran S.A., Salient Sciences, Schneider Electric, SeeTec, Siemens, Smart China (Holdings) Limited, Smiths Detection Inc., Sony Corp., Speech Technology Center, Suprema Inc., Synectics Plc, Tandu Technologies & Security Systems Ltd, Texas Instruments, Textron Inc., Thales Group, Total Recall, Unisys Corporation, Verint, Vialogy LLC, Vigilant Technology, Zhejiang Dahua Technology.

The Aviation Security Technologies & Market – Focus on Europe – 2017-2022 report presents in 587 pages, 30 tables and 64 figures, analysis of current situation in this market. This report, granulated into18 national and 3 revenue source submarkets, provides for each submarket 2015-2016 data and assessments, and 2017-2022 forecasts and analyses.

Table of Contents

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1Executive Summary
1.1Major Findings
1.2Major Conclusions
1.3Europe Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
1.3.1Aviation Security Market by Country – 2015-2022
1.3.2Market by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
3European Aviation Security
3.1Market Background
3.2Aviation Security Challenges
3.3Aviation Security Terror Threats
3.4Aviation Security Tactics
3.5Europe Aviation Security & Safety Standards & Regulations
3.5.1Europe Aviation Security Standards
3.5.2ICAO Aviation Security & Safety Regulations
4Europe Aviation Security Market Drivers
5Europe Aviation Security Market Inhibitors
6Aviation Security Business Opportunities & Challenges
7Barriers to New Entry, Supplier Power, Buyer Power and Barriers to Substitution
8SWOT Analysis
9Europe Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
9.1Aviation Security Market by Country – 2015-2022
9.1.12015-2016 Market Size & 2017-2022 Market Forecast
9.1.2Market Breakdown by Country
9.2Market by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
9.2.12015-2016 Market Size & 2017-2022 Market Forecast
9.2.2Market Breakdown by Revenue Source
10National Aviation Security Markets – 2015-2022
10.1UK Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.1.1UK Aviation Security: Market Background
10.1.2UK Airports Passengers & Baggage Screening Statistics by Airport – 2016 & 2020
10.1.3Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
10.2France Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.2.1France Aviation Security Market: Background
10.2.2France Airports Passengers & Baggage Screening Statistics by Airport – 2016 & 2020
10.2.3Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
10.3Belgium Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.3.2Belgium Airports Screened Passengers Statistics
10.3.3Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
10.4Sweden Aviation Security Market
10.4.2Sweden Major Airports Statistics: Screened Passengers by Airport
10.5Denmark Aviation Security Market
10.5.1Denmark Aviation Security Market Background
10.5.2Denmark Major Airports Statistics: Screened Passengers by Airport
10.6Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.7Germany Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.7.1The German Airports Industry
10.7.2The German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt )
10.7.3Germany Aviation Transportation Economic Benefits to German GDP to Public Finances
10.7.4Germany Air Transport Data – 2005-2013
10.7.5Germany Aviation Security Aviation Security Market Background Aviation Security Regulations Security Act (Luftsicherheitsgesetz) Aviation Passengers Security Tax German Aviation Supply Chain Security Aviation Cybersecurity
10.7.6Germany Airports Passengers & Baggage Screening Statistics by Airport – 2016 & 2020
10.7.7Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
10.8Austria & Switzerland Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.9Italy Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.1Spain Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.11Poland Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.12Hungary & Czech Republic: Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.13Russia Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
10.14Rest of Europe Aviation Security Market – 2015-2022
11Leading Vendors
11.1Vendors and Product Lines Summary
11.2.1Company Profile
11.2.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.2.3Contact Information
11.3.1Company Profile
11.3.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.3.3Recent Events
11.3.4Contact Information
11.4.1Company Profile
11.4.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.4.3Recent Events
11.4.4Contact Information
11.5.1Company Profile
11.5.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.5.3Recent Events
11.5.4Contact Information
11.6.1Company Profile
11.6.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.6.3Recent Events
11.6.4Contact Information
11.7.1Company Profile
11.7.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Activities
11.7.3Recent Events
11.7.4Contact Information
11.8ACTi Corporation
11.8.1Company Profile
11.8.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.8.3Recent Events
11.8.4Contact Information
11.1ADT Security Services
11.10.1Company Profile
11.10.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.10.3Recent Events
11.10.4Contact Information
11.11AeroVironment Inc.
11.11.1Company Profile
11.11.2UAV Products
11.11.3Recent Events
11.11.4Contact Information
11.12Agent Video Intelligence
11.12.1Company Profile
11.12.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.12.3Recent Events
11.12.4Contact Information
11.13Airbus Defence and Space
11.13.1Company Profile
11.13.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Service & Service
11.13.3Recent Events
11.13.4Contact Information
11.14Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia Group)
11.14.1Company Profile
11.14.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products & Data Centers Access and Video delivery Access
11.14.3Recent Events
11.14.4Contact Information
11.15.1Company Profile
11.15.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.15.3Contact Information
11.16American Science & Engineering Inc.
11.16.1Company Profile
11.16.2X-Ray Homeland Security & Public Safety Products HLS Cargo & Vehicle Inspection Products HLS Parcel Inspection Products HLS Personal Screening Products HLS Software and Network Services
11.16.3Recent Events
11.16.4Contact Information
11.17.1Company Profile
11.17.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.17.3Recent Events
11.17.4Contact Information
11.18Appealing Products, Inc. (API) / ChemSee
11.19Aralia Systems
11.19.1Company Profile
11.19.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.19.3Contact Information
11.2AT&T Inc.
11.20.1Company Profile
11.20.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.20.3Recent Events
11.20.4Contact Information
11.21Augusta Systems
11.21.1Company Profile
11.21.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.21.3Contact Information
11.22.1Company Profile
11.22.2Austal Patrol Boats
11.22.3Recent Events
11.22.4Contact Information
11.23Auto Clear
11.24Avigilon Corporation
11.24.1Company Profile
11.24.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.24.3Recent Events
11.24.4Contact Information
11.25.1Company Profile
11.25.2Biometric Products
11.25.3Recent Events
11.25.4Contact Information
11.26.1Company Profile
11.26.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.26.3Recent Events
11.26.4Contact Information
11.27.1Company Profile
11.27.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.27.3Recent Events
11.27.4Contact Information
11.28.1Company Profile
11.28.2Biometric Products
11.28.3Recent Events
11.28.4Contact Information
11.29BAE Systems
11.29.1Company Profile
11.29.2Business Groups Systems & Intelligence & Services (U.S.) & Services (UK) & Services (International)
11.29.3Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.29.4Recent Events
11.29.5Contact Information
11.3BAHIA Corp (Sibel Ltd.)
11.31BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd
11.31.1Company Profile
11.31.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Scanners Recognition Control System
11.31.3Recent Events
11.31.4Contact Information
11.32BioLink Solutions
11.32.1Company Profile
11.32.2Biometrics Products
11.32.3Recent Events
11.32.4Contact Information
11.33Biosensor Applications
11.34.1Company Profile
11.34.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.34.3Recent Events
11.34.4Contact Information
11.35Bollinger Shipyards, Inc
11.35.1Company Profile
11.35.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.35.3Recent Events
11.35.4Contact Information
11.36Bosch Security Systems
11.36.1Company Profile
11.36.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.36.3Recent Events
11.36.4Contact Information
11.37Brijot Imaging Systems
11.38Bruker Corporation
11.38.1Company Profile
11.38.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Mobile Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Products Transform Infrared Products Technique Product Detection Products Spectrometry ETD Products
11.38.3Recent Events
11.38.4Contact Information
11.39.1Company Profile
11.39.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.39.3Recent Events
11.39.4Contact Information
11.40.1Company Profile
11.40.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.40.3Recent Events
11.40.4Contact Information
11.41.1Company Profile
11.41.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.41.3Recent Events
11.41.4Contact Information
11.43.1Company Profile
11.43.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.43.3Recent Events
11.43.4Contact Information
11.44China Security & Surveillance, Inc.
11.44.1Company Profile
11.44.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.44.3Contact Information
11.45Cisco Systems
11.45.1Company Profile
11.45.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Systems HLS Video Surveillance Products Systems HLS Web Security Products Systems HLS Router Security Products Products
11.45.3Recent Events
11.45.4Contact Information
11.46.1Company Profile
11.46.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.46.3Recent Events
11.46.4Contact Information
11.47Cognitec Systems GmbH
11.47.1Company Profile
11.47.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Systems GmbH HLS Products
11.47.3Recent Events
11.47.4Contact Information
11.48Computer Network Limited (CNL)
11.48.1Company Profile
11.48.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.48.3Recent Events
11.48.4Contact Information
11.49Computer Sciences Corporation
11.49.1Company Profile
11.49.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.49.3Recent Events
11.49.4Contact Information
11.50.1Company Profile
11.50.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.50.3Recent Events
11.50.4Contact Information
11.51DetectaChem LLC
11.52.1Company Profile
11.52.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.52.3Recent Events
11.52.4Contact Information
11.53DRS Technologies Inc.
11.53.1Company Profile
11.53.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.53.3Recent Events
11.53.4Contact Information
11.54.1Company Profile
11.54.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.54.3Recent Events
11.54.4Contact Information
11.55Elbit Systems Ltd.
11.55.1Company Profile
11.55.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Fences Night Surveillance and Border Security & control City
11.55.3Recent Events
11.55.4Contact Information
11.56Elsag Datamat
11.56.1Company Profile
11.56.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.56.3Recent Events
11.56.4Contact Information
11.57Emerson Electric
11.57.1Company Profile
11.57.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.57.3Recent Events
11.57.4Contact Information
11.58.1Company Profile
11.58.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.58.3Recent Events
11.58.4Contact Information
11.59.1Company Profile
11.59.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Bathymetry Government Government and Intelligence Solutions GIS GIS GIS GIS GIS (ArcGIS Online)
11.59.3Recent Events
11.59.4Contact Information
11.60.1Company Profile
11.60.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.60.3Recent Events
11.60.4Contact Information
11.61Finmeccanica SpA
11.61.1Company Profile
11.61.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products HLS Defence Systems
11.61.3Recent Events
11.61.4Contact Information
11.62.1Company Profile
11.62.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.62.3Recent Events
11.62.4Contact Information
11.63Fisher Labs
11.64Flir Systems
11.65Fulcrum Biometrics LLC
11.65.1Company Profile
11.65.2Products Fingerprint Scanners Eye/Iris Cameras Palm Vein Scanner Scan Biometric Devices Signature Pads Biometric devices
11.65.3Recent Events
11.65.4Contact Information
11.66.1Company Profile
11.66.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.66.3Recent Events
11.66.4Contact Information
11.67General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.
11.67.1Company Profile
11.67.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Systems Control Station
11.67.3Recent Events
11.67.4Contact Information
11.68General Dynamics Corporation
11.68.1Company Profile
11.68.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products System
11.68.3Recent Events
11.68.4Contact Information
11.69Getac Technology Corporation
11.69.1Company Profile
11.69.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Notebooks Tablets
11.69.3Recent Events
11.69.4Contact Information
11.7Gilardoni SpA
11.71Hanwha Techwin
11.71.1Company Profile
11.71.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.71.3Recent Events
11.71.4Contact Information
11.72Harris Corporation
11.72.1Company Profile
11.72.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products HLS Civilian Government Solutions HLS and Defense Solutions Public Safety Communication Solutions HLS Products
11.72.3Recent Events
11.72.4Contact Information
11.73Hewlett Packard Enterprise
11.73.1Company Profile
11.73.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Security Solutions
11.73.3Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) Solutions
11.73.4Recent Events
11.73.5Contact Information
11.74Hexagon AB
11.74.1Company Profile
11.74.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.74.3Recent Events
11.74.4Contact Information
11.76Honeywell International Inc.
11.76.1Company Profile
11.76.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Surveillance Cameras Recording and Gas Detection and Alarm
11.76.3Recent Events
11.76.4Contact Information
11.77Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
11.77.1Company Profile
11.77.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Surveillance Camera Products Broadband Trunking Systems City and Control systems Public Safety Products
11.77.3Recent Events
11.77.4Contact Information
11.78.1Company Profile
11.78.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Protection Solutions Security and Privacy Solutions and Access Management Solutions Protection Solutions Intelligence and Analytics Solutions
11.78.3Recent Events
11.78.4Contact Information
11.79.1Company Profile
11.79.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.79.3Recent Events
11.79.4Contact Information
11.8Intel Security
11.80.1Company Profile
11.80.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.80.3Recent Events
11.80.4Contact Information
11.81IntuVision Inc
11.81.1Company Profile
11.81.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.81.3Recent Events
11.81.4Contact Information
11.82.1Company Profile
11.82.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.82.3Recent Events
11.82.4Contact Information
11.83Ion Applications Inc
11.84.1Company Profile
11.84.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.84.3Recent Events
11.84.4Contact Information
11.85IPS Intelligent Video Analytics
11.85.1Company Profile
11.85.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.85.3Recent Events
11.85.4Contact Information
11.86Iris ID Systems, Inc.
11.86.1Company Profile
11.86.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Access Control Systems Iris and Face Recognition Devices
11.86.3Recent Events
11.86.4Contact Information
11.87IriTech Inc.
11.87.1Company Profile
11.87.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Shield Series Magic Series
11.87.3Recent Events
11.87.4Contact Information
11.88Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
11.88.1Company Profile
11.88.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Intelligence Systems Protection Products System Products Boats Management Products Imaging System Products Air System (UAV) Products System Products
11.88.3Recent Events
11.88.4Contact Information
11.89.1Company Profile
11.89.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.89.3Recent Events
11.89.4Contact Information
11.9Ketech Defence
11.91L-3 Security & Detection Systems
11.91.1Company Profile
11.91.2Security & Detection Systems Explosives and Weapons Screening Products Certified Checkpoint Qualified Standard 3 Approved Standard 2 Approved Checkpoint Qualified Approved Air Cargo Compliant Canada Qualified Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certified Approved
11.91.3Recent Events
11.91.4Contact Information
11.92Leidos, Inc.
11.92.1Company Profile
11.92.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Ray Container and Vehicle Screening Systems Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) Detection Portals Explosives Detection Systems HLS Systems
11.92.3Recent Events
11.92.4Contact Information
11.93LIXI, Inc
11.93.1Company Profile
11.94Lockheed Martin Corporation
11.94.1Company Profile
11.94.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Vehicles Systems and Situational Awareness
11.94.3Recent Events
11.94.4Contact Information
11.95.1Company Profile
11.95.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.95.3Recent Events
11.95.4Contact Information
11.96.1Company Profile
11.96.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.96.3Contact Information
11.97Mer group
11.97.1Company Profile
11.97.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.97.3Recent Events
11.97.4Contact Information
11.98Milestone Systems A/S
11.98.1Company Profile
11.98.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.98.3Recent Events
11.98.4Contact Information
11.1INXRAY, Inc.
11.100.1Company Profile
11.101.1Company Profile
11.101.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.101.3Recent Events
11.101.4Contact Information
11.102Mistral Security Inc
11.103Motorola Solutions, Inc.
11.103.1Company Profile
11.103.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Products Devices Way Radio Products Safety Solutions
11.103.3Recent Events
11.103.4Contact Information
11.104National Instruments
11.104.1Company Profile
11.104.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.104.3Recent Events
11.104.4Contact Information
11.105NEC Corporation
11.105.1Company Profile
11.105.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Infrastructure Management Solutions Solutions
11.105.3Recent Events
11.105.4Contact Information
11.106NICE Systems
11.106.1Company Profile
11.106.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.106.3Recent Events
11.106.4Contact Information
11.107Northrop Grumman Corporation
11.107.1Company Profile
11.107.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Systems Products
11.107.3Recent Events
11.107.4Contact Information
11.108Nuance Communications, Inc.
11.108.1Company Profile
11.108.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Security Products
11.108.3Recent Events
11.108.4Contact Information
11.109Nuctech Co. Ltd.
11.110.1Company Profile
11.110.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.110.3Recent Events
11.110.4Contact Information
11.111Panasonic Corporation
11.111.1Company Profile
11.111.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Surveillance Products Monitor Products Security Camera Products Security Camera Products Collection System Products
11.111.3Recent Events
11.111.4Contact Information
11.112.1Company Profile
11.112.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.112.3Recent Events
11.112.4Contact Information
11.113.1Company Profile
11.113.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.113.3Recent Events
11.113.4Contact Information
11.114.1Company Profile
11.114.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.114.3Recent Events
11.114.4Contact Information
11.115QinetiQ Limited
11.115.1Company Profile
11.115.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Disposal / Explosive Ordnance Disposal Products Robot Products Material Detection (HAZMAT) and Fire-Fighting Products
11.115.3Recent Events
11.115.4Contact Information
11.116Rapiscan Systems, Inc.
11.116.1Company Profile
11.116.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Baggage and Parcel Screening Products Baggage Inspection Products and Small Parcel X-Ray Screening Products and Cargo X-Ray Screening Products Cargo X-Ray Screening Products Inspection Products Technology Options and Vehicle Inspection Products Baggage Screening Products Screening Products Detection Products Trace Detection (ETD) Product Bomber Product
11.116.3Recent Events
11.116.4Contact Information
11.117.1Company Profile
11.117.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Products Air Defense Products Missile Defense Products Products Surveillance Products Surveillance Products
11.117.3Recent Events
11.117.4Contact Information
11.118Red X Defense
11.119Rockwell Collins, Inc.
11.119.1Company Profile
11.119.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products and Services Hazard Surveillance Products Surveillance Products System Products Systems Control Components Software Devices Technology Technology Security
11.119.3Recent Events
11.119.4Contact Information
11.12Safran S.A.
11.120.1Company Profile
11.120.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Identity Solutions Security Products and Solutions and Border Security Products and Solutions and Weapon Detection Products and Solutions Products and Solutions Systems
11.120.3Recent Events
11.120.4Contact Information
11.121Salient Sciences
11.121.1Company Profile
11.121.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.121.3Recent Events
11.121.4Contact Information
11.122Scanna MSC Ltd.
11.123Scent Detection Technologies
11.124Schneider Electric
11.124.1Company Profile
11.124.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.124.3Recent Events
11.124.4Contact Information
11.125Scintrex Trace
11.126.1Company Profile
11.126.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.126.3Recent Events
11.126.4Contact Information
11.127.1Company Profile
11.127.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.127.3Recent Events
11.127.4Contact Information
11.128Smart China (Holdings) Limited
11.128.1Company Profile
11.128.2Contact Information
11.129Smiths Detection Inc.
11.129.1Company Profile
11.129.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Lines, Container & Vehicle Screening Products Identification Products Explosives Detection Products Trace Detection Products Screening Products Checkpoint Solution Products Detection Product Agents Detection Products
11.129.3Recent Events
11.129.4Contact Information
11.13Sony Corp.
11.130.1Company Profile
11.130.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.130.3Recent Events
11.130.4Contact Information
11.131Speech Technology Center
11.131.1Company Profile
11.131.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Services Products Analysis Tools Product
11.131.3Recent Events
11.131.4Contact Information
11.132Suprema Inc.
11.132.1Company Profile
11.132.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Devices Products Products
11.132.3Recent Events
11.132.4Contact Information
11.133Syagen Technology
11.134Synectics Plc
11.134.1Company Profile
11.134.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.134.3Recent Events
11.134.4Contact Information
11.135Tandu Technologies & Security Systems Ltd.
11.135.1Company Profile
11.135.2Recent Events
11.135.3Contact Information
11.137Texas Instruments
11.137.1Company Profile
11.137.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.137.3Recent Events
11.137.4Contact Information
11.138Textron Inc.
11.138.1Company Profile
11.138.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products Aircrafts & UGV Products Systems Forces Weapon Products
11.138.3Recent Events
11.138.4Contact Information
11.139Thales Group
11.139.1Company Profile
11.139.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products ISR Products Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems Systems
11.139.3Recent Events
11.139.4Contact Information
11.14Thermo Electron Corporation
11.141ThruVision Systems
11.142Total Recall
11.142.1Company Profile
11.142.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.142.3Recent Events
11.142.4Contact Information
11.143Unisys Corporation
11.143.1Company Profile
11.143.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.143.3Recent Events
11.143.4Contact Information
11.144.1Company Profile
11.144.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.144.3Recent Events
11.144.4Contact Information
11.145Vialogy LLC
11.145.1Company Profile
11.145.2Safe City & Smart City Products
11.145.3Contact Information
11.146Vidisco Ltd.
11.147Vigilant Technology
11.147.1Company Profile
11.147.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.147.3Recent Events
11.147.4Contact Information
11.148Westminster International Ltd.
11.149Zhejiang Dahua Technology
11.149.1Company Profile
11.149.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
11.149.3Recent Events
11.149.4Contact Information
12Aviation Security Technologies
12.1X-Ray Screening
12.2Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)
12.3Explosives Trace Detection (ETD)
12.4Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear Detection System
12.5Millimeter Wave Imaging Systems
12.6Canine Screening
12.7Liquid Explosives Detectors
12.8Shoe Scanners – Technologies
12.9Airport Workforce & Visitors ID Documents Screening Systems
12.1Airport Automated Border Control Systems
12.11Airport Video Surveillance
12.12Airport Surface Movement Radar Systems
12.12.1Airport Perimeter Surveillance Radar (PSR) Technology
12.12.2Digital Airport Surveillance Radar (DASR) Technology
12.13Aviation Security C2/C4ISR Systems
12.13.2Aviation Security C2/C4ISR Technologies
12.14Security-related Aviation ICT Technology
12.15Aviation-related Cybersecurity
12.15.1Aviation Cyber Terror & Crime
12.15.2Denial of Aviation Service
12.15.3Deliberate Manipulation of Aviation Sector Information
12.15.4Detection of Unauthorized Aviation Cyber Activity
12.16Airport Perimeter Fencing – Technologies
12.16.1Airport Perimeter Security Market Background
12.16.2Airport Perimeter Security Technology Background
12.16.3Airport Perimeter Security Technologies
12.16.4Intrusion Detection Sensors
12.16.5Multi-Sensor Airport Perimeter Security Fusion
12.16.6Airport Perimeter: Video Surveillance
12.17Workforce & Visitors ID Documents Screening – Technologies
12.17.1Biometric ID Systems
12.17.2Biometric ID Challenges
12.18Aviation Security-related Baggage Handling Systems (BHS) – Technologies
12.19Multi-Modal Multi Threat Automated Screening Checkpoint
12.19.1Hand-held Weapons and CBRNE Detectors
12.2Counter – MANPAD Technology
12.20.1MANPAD Threats
12.20.2Counter – MANPAD Strategies
12.20.3Counter – MANPAD Technologies Countermeasures Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) Systems MANPAD RDT&E Programs Forecast
12.21IATA & ICAO “Checkpoint of the Future”
12.21.1Present People Screening Checkpoint Performance
12.21.2IATA-ICAO Checkpoint of the Future
12.22Airport Passenger Screening Checkpoints
13Aviation Security Market Demand Side
13.3Freight Forwarders
13.5Security Services Providers
13.6Passenger Screening Technologies Outlook
13.7Checked Baggage Screening Market
13.9Air Cargo Screening Technologies & Markets
13.9.1Air Cargo Outlook
13.9.2Air Cargo Related Security Risks
13.9.3Air-Cargo Supply Chain Security
13.1Airport Perimeter Security Technologies & Markets
14Appendix A: European Homeland Security & Public Safety Related Product Standards
14.1European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
14.2European Homeland Security and Public Safety Standards
14.3EU Buildings & Perimeter Security Standards & Specifications
15Appendix B: The European Union Challenges and Outlook
15.2The EU Economy
15.3Anti-EU Trends
15.4The EU Frail Leadership and Poor Strategic Vision
15.5Migration and Refugee Crisis
15.6European Security Worries
15.8EU Future Scenarios
16Appendix C: Europe Migration Crisis & Border Security
16.2EU Migration: Background
16.3The European Borders Security
16.3.2The Schengen Area
16.3.3The European Integrated Border Management System (IBM)
16.3.4The EU Smart Borders Initiative
16.3.5The Schengen Zone: Passenger Name Record (PNR) System Outlook
16.3.6Temporary Reintroduction of Border Control
16.4European Smart & Secure Border Market
17Appendix D: Abbreviations
18Scope, Methodology & Disclaimer
18.1Research Scope
18.2Research Methodology
19Disclaimer & Copyright


Table 1Europe Airports & Air-Passengers Statistics by Country
Table 2Europe Aviation Security Market [$M] by Country – 2015-2022
Table 3Europe Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source (Sales, Aftersale and Other Revenues) – 2015-2022
Table 4Aviation Security Market: Business Opportunities
Table 5Aviation Security Market – Competitive Analysis
Table 6Europe Aviation Security Market [$M] by Country – 2015-2022
Table 7Europe Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source (Sales, Aftersale and Other Revenues) – 2015-2022
Table 8UK Major Airports: Number of Screened Passengers & Screened Baggage (Carry-on & Checked Baggage) [M] by Airport – 2016 & 2020
Table 9UK Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 10France Major Airports: Passengers Screening, Carry-on & Checked Baggage Screening [M] by Airport – 2016 & 2020
Table 11France Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 12Belgium Passenger Screening [M] by 5 Airports
Table 13Belgium Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 14Sweden Passenger Screening [M] by 23 Airports
Table 15Denmark Passenger Screening [M] by 7 Airports
Table 16Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 17Germany Air Transport Data – 2005-2013
Table 18Germany Major Airports: Passengers Screening, Carry-on & Checked Baggage Screening [M] by Airport – 2016 & 2020
Table 19Germany Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 20Austria & Switzerland: Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 21Italy Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 22Spain Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 23Poland Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 24Hungary & Czech Republic: Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 25Russia Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 26Rest of Europe: Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Table 27People Screening Vendors and Product Lines
Table 28Liquid Explosives Scanners – Vendors & Products
Table 29Shoe Scanners: Vendors, Products & Prices
Table 30European Homeland Security and Public Safety Standards
Table 31Membership in the EU, Eurozone and Schengen Area


Figure 1Boeing Global Air Traffic Forecast – 1991-2031
Figure 2Europe Air Travel Growth Forecast – 2012-2020
Figure 3Europe Aviation Security Market [$M] by Country – 2015-2022
Figure 4Europe Aviation Security Market Shares [%] by Country – 2015-2022
Figure 5Europe Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source (Sales, Aftersale and Other Revenues) – 2015-2022
Figure 6Europe Aviation Security Market Share [%] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Figure 7Europe Three-Key Challenges
Figure 8Aircraft Security – Points of Potential Vulnerability
Figure 9Multi-Level Aviation Security
Figure 10Europe Aviation Security Market [$M] by Country – 2015-2022
Figure 11Europe Aviation Security Market Shares [%] by Country – 2015-2022
Figure 12Europe Aviation Security Market [$M] by Revenue Source (Sales, Aftersale and Other Revenues) – 2015-2022
Figure 13Europe Aviation Security Market Share [%] by Revenue Source – 2015-2022
Figure 14A UK Aviation Security Process
Figure 15UK 2015 Passengers Share [%] by Airport
Figure 17The German Federal Aviation Office Organization Chart
Figure 16Germany Air Passengers [M] – 2005-2013
Figure 18Germany Aviation Security Layers
Figure 19The EU Airport Automated Border Control Concept
Figure 20Automated Border Control Process
Figure 21Face Recognition Based Automated Border Control
Figure 22Airport Surface Movement Radar
Figure 23Airport Surface Movement Radar Imaging Field
Figure 24An Aviation Security Command, Control & Communication Meta-System
Figure 25Airport Perimeter Security C2/C4ISR System Topology
Figure 26Aviation Security C2/C4ISR System Block diagram
Figure 27Airport Emergency Communication: Technologies
Figure 28Aviation Security Communication: Obstacles to Interoperability
Figure 29Airport Perimeter, Security Layers
Figure 30Dumb Perimeter Barriers
Figure 31Airport Perimeter
Figure 32Airport Perimeter Security Infrastructure
Figure 33Qylatron Multi-Modal Multi Threat Passenger Screening Portal
Figure 34Fused Technologies – Concealed Weapons Detection
Figure 35Map of MANPADS Attacks on Civil Aircraft – 1975-2012
Figure 36An IR MANPAD View of a Civilian Aircraft
Figure 37Overview of MANPADS
Figure 38Flare-based MANPAD Countermeasures
Figure 40The “Skyshield” Counter MANPADS
Figure 41BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman Counter MANPAD Systems
Figure 42Average X-ray Screening Rate [Passengers per Hour] by Region.
Figure 43The IATA “Checkpoint of the Future” Lanes
Figure 44IATA “Checkpoint of the Future” Concept
Figure 45Airport Passengers Screening – Segments
Figure 46Global Average Air Cargo Growth [Million Tons]: 2001-2020
Figure 47Air Cargo Supply Chain
Figure 48Airport Perimeter Security Systems
Figure 49The European Union: Member States and Candidate Countries
Figure 50EU Countries Currency Status- 2016
Figure 51European 2015-2016 GDP Growth Forecast [%] By Country
Figure 52Europe GDP per Capita by Country
Figure 532015 Refugee Applications to Europe by Month
Figure 542015 Migrant Applications to Europe by Country of Origin
Figure 55Main Routes of Migration
Figure 56European Asylum-Seeker Decisions by Country
Figure 57Refugee Acceptance by Country 2015
Figure 58Asylum Claims per 100.000 Local Populations 2015
Figure 59Fragility and Instability in Europe Neighborhood MEA Countries
Figure 60Europe Inflows of Threats
Figure 61European Borders
Figure 62The 2016 Schengen Border Map
Figure 63The Advanced Passenger Analysis (APA) System
Figure 64Migrant Arrivals by Sea and Land Borders in 2015

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