Homeland Security Market ResearchHomeland Security & Public Safety Industry – 2017 Edition

Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry - 2017 Edition

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Elta Systems
Elbit Systems
Sandia National Lab
Smiths Detection
Korea Internet & Security Agency

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Business Opportunities, Threats, Market Entry Challenges, Supply-Side & Demand-Side Analysis, Market Entry Strategies, Price Elasticity M&A, and other dynamics that shape the market during 2017-2022 period.This report is a resource for executives with interests in time-critical review of the market eco-system. It has been explicitly customized for the security industry and government decision-makers in order to identify business opportunities, developing technologies, market trends and risks, as well as to benchmark business plans. In spite of increasing awareness among customers about homeland security and public safety products, and the visible benefits of sustainability across the homeland security and public safety industry, there are several significant impediments to the deeper integration of sustainability into the homeland security and public safety sector.This December 2016 report edition addresses: sustainability, market share, trends, business opportunities, M&A strategy, budgets, procurement processes, and marketing initiatives. Foremost amongst these is a general perception of the costliness, or otherwise unnecessary nature of the investment in sustainability measures. The research suggests that such initiatives may, in fact, save money, and that sustainability should be considered more rigorously by those seeking to maximize the potential strategies of the global homeland security and public safety market.Issues discussed in this report include:

  • What will the market trends be during 2017-2022?
  • Who are the decision-makers?
  • What drives the customers to purchase solutions and services?
  • What are the challenges to market penetration & growth?
  • Competitive analysis
  • Profile, analysis, financials and contact info. of more than 110 key vendors
  • Homeland security & public safety products and services standards and regulations

Why Buy this Report?A. The “Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry 2017 Edition” report provides a detailed industry analysis including :

  • Effects of emerging technologies on the global homeland security & public safety industry
  • Homeland-security & public-safety industry: competitive analysis
  • Technological change: homeland security, immigration enforcement & public safety vulnerabilities
  • The homeland security & public safety market trends
  • Globalization of the homeland security & public safety business
  • Vendor government relationship
  • The geopolitical outlook
  • The industry business models & strategies
  • Variable economic conditions
  • Market tiers
  • Defense primes & mega corporations’ inroads into the market
  • Market entry challenges
  • The industry: supply-side & demand-side analysis
  • Market entry strategies
  • Price elasticity
  • Homeland security & public safety industry: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

B. The report addresses over 300 European Homeland Security and Public Safety standards (including links)C. The “Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry – 2017 Edition” report also provides extensive data (including companies’ profile, recent annual revenues, key executives, homeland security and public safety products and contact info.) of the leading 119 Homeland Security and Public Safety Vendors:

  1. 3M
  2. 3i-MIND
  3. 3VR
  4. 3xLOGIC
  5. ABB
  6. Accenture
  7. ACTi Corporation
  8. ADT Security Services
  9. AeroVironment Inc.
  10. Agent Video Intelligence
  11. Airbus Defence and Space
  12. Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia Group)
  14. American Science & Engineering Inc.
  15. Anixter
  16. Aralia Systems
  17. AT&T Inc.
  18. Augusta Systems
  19. Austal
  20. Avigilon Corporation
  21. Aware
  22. Axis
  23. AxxonSoft
  24. Ayonix
  25. BAE Systems
  26. BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd
  27. BioLink Solutions
  28. Boeing
  29. Bollinger Shipyards, Inc
  30. Bosch Security Systems
  31. Bruker Corporation
  32. BT
  33. Camero
  34. Cassidian
  35. CelPlan
  36. China Security & Surveillance, Inc.
  37. Cisco Systems
  38. Citilog
  39. Cognitec Systems GmbH
  40. Computer Network Limited (CNL)
  41. Computer Sciences Corporation
  42. CrossMatch
  43. Diebold
  44. DRS Technologies Inc.
  45. DVTel
  46. Elbit Systems Ltd.
  47. Elsag Datamat
  48. Emerson Electric
  49. Ericsson
  50. ESRI
  51. FaceFirst
  52. Finmeccanica SpA
  53. Firetide
  54. Fulcrum Biometrics LLC
  55. G4S
  56. General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.
  57. General Dynamics Corporation
  58. Getac Technology Corporation
  59. Hanwha Techwin
  60. Harris Corporation
  1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  2. Hexagon AB
  3. Honeywell International Inc.
  4. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
  5. IBM
  6. IndigoVision
  7. Intel Security
  8. IntuVision Inc
  9. iOmniscient
  10. IPConfigure
  11. IPS Intelligent Video Analytics
  12. Iris ID Systems, Inc.
  13. IriTech Inc.
  14. Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
  15. ISS
  16. L-3 Security & Detection Systems
  17. Leidos, Inc.
  18. Lockheed Martin Corporation
  20. MDS
  21. Mer group
  22. Milestone Systems A/S
  23. Mirasys
  24. Motorola Solutions, Inc.
  25. National Instruments
  26. NEC Corporation
  27. NICE Systems
  28. Northrop Grumman Corporation
  29. Nuance Communications, Inc.
  30. ObjectVideo
  31. Panasonic Corporation
  32. Pelco
  33. Pivot3
  34. Proximex
  35. QinetiQ Limited
  36. Rapiscan Systems, Inc.
  37. Raytheon
  38. Rockwell Collins, Inc.
  39. Safran S.A.
  40. Salient Sciences
  41. Schneider Electric
  42. SeeTec
  43. Siemens
  44. Smart China (Holdings) Limited
  45. Smiths Detection Inc.
  46. Sony Corp.
  47. Speech Technology Center
  48. Suprema Inc.
  49. Synectics Plc
  50. Tandu Technologies & Security Systems Ltd
  51. Texas Instruments
  52. Textron Inc.
  53. Thales Group
  54. Total Recall
  55. Unisys Corporation
  56. Verint
  57. Vialogy LLC
  58. Vigilant Technology
  59. Zhejiang Dahua Technology

Table of Contents

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1The Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry
1.1Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry Revenues
1.2Homeland-Security & Public-Safety Industry: Competitive Analysis
1.3The Market Timeline – 2001-2022
1.4Economic Turmoil Effects on the Market Outlook
1.5The Globalization of the Homeland Security & Public Safety Business
1.6Classification of the Industry Business and Industrial Activities
1.7Forces that Shape the Public Safety and Homeland Security Industry & Markets
2Effects of Emerging Technologies on the Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry
2.2Technological Change: Homeland Security & Public Safety Vulnerabilities
3The Homeland Security & Public Safety Market Trends
3.1Market Trends- 2016-2022
3.2Globalization of the Homeland Security & Public Safety Business
3.3Classification of the Industry Business & Industrial Activities
4Vendor – Government Relationship
5Geopolitical Outlook 2017-2022
6The Industry Business Models & Strategies
6.1Variable Economic Conditions
6.2Market Tiers
6.3Defense Primes & Mega Corporations’ Inroads into the Market
7Market Entry Challenges
8The Industry: Supply-Side & Demand-Side Analysis
9Market Entry Strategies
10Price Elasticity
11Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
12Homeland Security & Public Safety Related Product Standards
 Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Vendors
13.1Company Profile
13.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
13.3Recent Events
13.4Contact Information
14.1Company Profile
14.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
14.3Contact Information
15.1Company Profile
15.2Safe City & Smart City Products
15.3Recent Events
15.4Contact Information
16.1Company Profile
16.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
16.3Recent Events
16.4Contact Information
17.1Company Profile
17.2Safe City & Smart City Products
17.3Recent Events
17.4Contact Information
18.1Company Profile
18.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Activities
18.3Recent Events
18.4Contact Information
19ACTi Corporation
19.1Company Profile
19.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
19.3Recent Events
19.4Contact Information
20ADT Security Services
20.1Company Profile
20.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
20.3Recent Events
20.4Contact Information
21AeroVironment Inc.
21.1Company Profile
21.2UAV Products
21.3Recent Events
21.4Contact Information
22Agent Video Intelligence
22.1Company Profile
22.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
22.3Recent Events
22.4Contact Information
23Airbus Defence and Space
23.1Company Profile
23.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
23.2.1Monitoring Service
23.2.2Platform & Service
23.3Recent Events
23.4Contact Information
24Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia Group)
24.1Company Profile
24.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
24.2.1Cloud & Data Centers
24.2.2Fixed Access
24.2.3Content and Video delivery
24.2.4Wireless Access
24.3Recent Events
24.4Contact Information
25.1Company Profile
25.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
25.3Contact Information
26American Science & Engineering Inc.
26.1Company Profile
26.2X-Ray Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
26.2.1AS&E HLS Cargo & Vehicle Inspection Products
26.2.2AS&E HLS Parcel Inspection Products
26.2.3AS&E HLS Personal Screening Products
26.2.4AS&E HLS Software and Network Services
26.3Recent Events
26.4Contact Information
27.1Company Profile
27.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
27.3Recent Events
27.4Contact Information
28Aralia Systems
28.1Company Profile
28.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
28.3Contact Information
29AT&T Inc.
29.1Company Profile
29.2Safe City & Smart City Products
29.3Recent Events
29.4Contact Information
30Augusta Systems
30.1Company Profile
30.2Safe City & Smart City Products
30.3Contact Information
31.1Company Profile
31.2Patrol Boats Products
31.2.1Austal Patrol Boats
31.3Recent Events
31.4Contact Information
32Avigilon Corporation
32.1Company Profile
32.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
32.3Recent Events
32.4Contact Information
33.1Company Profile
33.2Biometric Products
33.3Recent Events
33.4Contact Information
34.1Company Profile
34.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
34.3Recent Events
34.4Contact Information
35.1Company Profile
35.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
35.3Recent Events
35.4Contact Information
36.1Company Profile
36.2Biometric Products
36.3Recent Events
36.4Contact Information
37BAE Systems
37.1Company Profile
37.2Business Groups
37.2.1Electronic Systems
37.2.2Cyber & Intelligence
37.2.3Platforms & Services (U.S.)
37.2.4Platforms & Services (UK)
37.2.5Platforms & Services (International)
37.3Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
37.4Recent Events
37.5Contact Information
38BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd
38.1Company Profile
38.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
38.2.1Fingerprint Scanners
38.2.2Face Recognition
38.2.3Access Control System
38.3Recent Events
38.4Contact Information
39BioLink Solutions
39.1Company Profile
39.2Biometrics Products
39.3Recent Events
39.4Contact Information
40.1Company Profile
40.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
40.3Recent Events
40.4Contact Information
41Bollinger Shipyards, Inc
41.1Company Profile
41.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
41.3Recent Events
41.4Contact Information
42Bosch Security Systems
42.1Company Profile
42.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
42.3Recent Events
42.4Contact Information
43Bruker Corporation
43.1Company Profile
43.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
43.2.1Fire Mobile Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Products
43.2.2Fourier Transform Infrared Products
43.2.3Biochemical Technique Product
43.2.4Radiological Detection Products
43.2.5Ion-Mobility Spectrometry ETD Products
43.3Recent Events
43.4Contact Information
44.1Company Profile
44.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
44.3Recent Events
44.4Contact Information
45.1Company Profile
45.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
45.3Recent Events
45.4Contact Information
46.1Company Profile
46.2Safe City & Smart City Products
46.3Recent Events
46.4Contact Information
47.1Company Profile
47.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
47.3Recent Events
47.4Contact Information
48China Security & Surveillance, Inc.
48.1Company Profile
48.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
48.3Contact Information
49Cisco Systems
49.1Company Profile
49.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
49.2.1Cisco Systems HLS Video Surveillance Products
49.2.2Cisco Systems HLS Web Security Products
49.2.3Cisco Systems HLS Router Security Products
49.2.4Other Products
49.3Recent Events
49.4Contact Information
50.1Company Profile
50.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
50.3Recent Events
50.4Contact Information
51Cognitec Systems GmbH
51.1Company Profile
51.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
51.2.1Cognitec Systems GmbH HLS Products
51.3Recent Events
51.4Contact Information
52Computer Network Limited (CNL)
52.1Company Profile
52.2Safe City & Smart City Products
52.3Recent Events
52.4Contact Information
53Computer Sciences Corporation
53.1Company Profile
53.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
53.3Recent Events
53.4Contact Information
54.1Company Profile
54.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
54.3Recent Events
54.4Contact Information
55.1Company Profile
55.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
55.3Recent Events
55.4Contact Information
56DRS Technologies Inc.
56.1Company Profile
56.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
56.3Recent Events
56.4Contact Information
57.1Company Profile
57.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
57.3Recent Events
57.4Contact Information
58Elbit Systems Ltd.
58.1Company Profile
58.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
58.2.1Smart Fences
58.2.2Day Night Surveillance
58.2.3Perimeter and Border Security
58.2.4Command & control
58.2.5Safe City
58.3Recent Events
58.4Contact Information
59Elsag Datamat
59.1Company Profile
59.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
59.3Recent Events
59.4Contact Information
60Emerson Electric
60.1Company Profile
60.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
60.3Recent Events
60.4Contact Information
61.1Company Profile
61.2Safe City & Smart City Products
61.3Recent Events
61.4Contact Information
62.1Company Profile
62.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
62.2.1Maritime Bathymetry
62.2.2State Government
62.2.3Local Government
62.2.4Defense and Intelligence Solutions
62.2.5Desktop GIS
62.2.6Server GIS
62.2.7Mobile GIS
62.2.8Developer GIS
62.2.9Online GIS (ArcGIS Online)
62.3Recent Events
62.4Contact Information
63.1Company Profile
63.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
63.3Recent Events
63.4Contact Information
64Finmeccanica SpA
64.1Company Profile
64.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
64.2.1Finmeccanica HLS Defence Systems
64.3Recent Events
64.4Contact Information
65.1Company Profile
65.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
65.3Recent Events
65.4Contact Information
66Fulcrum Biometrics LLC
66.1Company Profile
66.2.1Biometric Fingerprint Scanners
66.2.2Biometric Eye/Iris Cameras
66.2.3Biometric Palm Vein Scanner
66.2.4Live Scan Biometric Devices
66.2.5Biometric Signature Pads
66.2.6Mobile Biometric devices
66.3Recent Events
66.4Contact Information
67.1Company Profile
67.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
67.3Recent Events
67.4Contact Information
68General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.
68.1Company Profile
68.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
68.2.2Sensor Systems
68.2.3Ground Control Station
68.3Recent Events
68.4Contact Information
69General Dynamics Corporation
69.1Company Profile
69.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
69.2.2Marine System
69.3Recent Events
69.4Contact Information
70Getac Technology Corporation
70.1Company Profile
70.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
70.2.1Rugged Notebooks
70.2.2Rugged Tablets
70.3Recent Events
70.4Contact Information
71Hanwha Techwin
71.1Company Profile
71.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
71.3Recent Events
71.4Contact Information
72Harris Corporation
72.1Company Profile
72.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
72.2.1Harris HLS Civilian Government Solutions
72.2.2Harris HLS and Defense Solutions
72.2.3Harris Public Safety Communication Solutions
72.2.4Harris HLS Products
72.3Recent Events
72.4Contact Information
73Hewlett Packard Enterprise
73.1Company Profile
73.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
73.2.1Application Security Solutions
73.2.4Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) Solutions
73.3Recent Events
73.4Contact Information
74Hexagon AB
74.1Company Profile
74.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
74.3Recent Events
74.4Contact Information
75Honeywell International Inc.
75.1Company Profile
75.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
75.2.1Video Surveillance Cameras
75.2.2Video Recording
75.2.3Fire and Gas Detection and Alarm
75.3Recent Events
75.4Contact Information
76Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
76.1Company Profile
76.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
76.2.1Video Surveillance Camera Products
76.2.2eLTE Broadband Trunking Systems
76.2.3Safe City
76.2.4Command and Control systems
76.2.5Other Public Safety Products
76.3Recent Events
76.4Contact Information
77.1Company Profile
77.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
77.2.1Fraud Protection Solutions
77.2.2Data Security and Privacy Solutions
77.2.3Identity and Access Management Solutions
77.2.4Network Protection Solutions
77.2.5Security Intelligence and Analytics Solutions
77.3Recent Events
77.4Contact Information
78.1Company Profile
78.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
78.3Recent Events
78.4Contact Information
79Intel Security
79.1Company Profile
79.2Safe City & Smart City Products
79.3Recent Events
79.4Contact Information
80IntuVision Inc
80.1Company Profile
80.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
80.3Recent Events
80.4Contact Information
81.1Company Profile
81.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
81.3Recent Events
81.4Contact Information
82.1Company Profile
82.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
82.3Recent Events
82.4Contact Information
83IPS Intelligent Video Analytics
83.1Company Profile
83.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
83.3Recent Events
83.4Contact Information
84Iris ID Systems, Inc.
84.1Company Profile
84.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
84.2.1Iris Access Control Systems
84.2.2Biometric Iris and Face Recognition Devices
84.3Recent Events
84.4Contact Information
85IriTech Inc.
85.1Company Profile
85.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
85.2.1Iri Shield Series
85.2.2Iri Magic Series
85.3Recent Events
85.4Contact Information
86Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.
86.1Company Profile
86.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
86.2.1Cyber Intelligence Systems
86.2.2Border Protection Products
86.2.3COMINT System Products
86.2.4Patrol Boats
86.2.5Traffic Management Products
86.2.6Electro-Optical Imaging System Products
86.2.7Unmanned Air System (UAV) Products
86.2.8Surveillance System Products
86.3Recent Events
86.4Contact Information
87.1Company Profile
87.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
87.3Recent Events
87.4Contact Information
88L-3 Security & Detection Systems
88.1Company Profile
88.2Security & Detection Systems Explosives and Weapons Screening Products
88.2.1TSA Certified
88.2.2TSA Checkpoint Qualified
88.2.3EU Standard 3 Approved
88.2.4EU Standard 2 Approved
88.2.5EU Checkpoint Qualified
88.2.6DfT Approved
88.2.7DfT Air Cargo Compliant
88.2.8Transport Canada Qualified
88.2.9Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certified
88.2.10STAC Approved
88.3Recent Events
88.4Contact Information
89Leidos, Inc.
89.1Company Profile
89.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
89.2.1Gamma Ray Container and Vehicle Screening Systems
89.2.2Tomographic Explosives Detection Systems (EDS)
89.2.3Nuclear Detection Portals
89.2.4X-Ray Explosives Detection Systems
89.2.5Other HLS Systems
89.3Recent Events
89.4Contact Information
90Lockheed Martin Corporation
90.1Company Profile
90.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
90.2.1Ground Vehicles
90.2.2Unmanned Systems
90.2.3Sensor and Situational Awareness
90.3Recent Events
90.4Contact Information
91.1Company Profile
91.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
91.3Recent Events
91.4Contact Information
92.1Company Profile
92.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
92.3Contact Information
93Mer group
93.1Company Profile
93.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
93.3Recent Events
93.4Contact Information
94Milestone Systems A/S
94.1Company Profile
94.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
94.3Recent Events
94.4Contact Information
95.1Company Profile
95.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
95.3Recent Events
95.4Contact Information
96Motorola Solutions, Inc.
96.1Company Profile
96.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
96.2.1Audio Products
96.2.2LTE Devices
96.2.3Two Way Radio Products
96.2.4Public Safety Solutions
96.3Recent Events
96.4Contact Information
97National Instruments
97.1Company Profile
97.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
97.3Recent Events
97.4Contact Information
98NEC Corporation
98.1Company Profile
98.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
98.2.1Critical Infrastructure Management Solutions
98.2.2Biometrics Solutions
98.3Recent Events
98.4Contact Information
99NICE Systems
99.1Company Profile
99.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
99.3Recent Events
99.4Contact Information
100Northrop Grumman Corporation
100.1Company Profile
100.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
100.2.1Unmanned Systems
100.2.2C4ISR Products
100.3Recent Events
100.4Contact Information
101Nuance Communications, Inc.
101.1Company Profile
101.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
101.2.1Public Security Products
101.3Recent Events
101.4Contact Information
102.1Company Profile
102.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
102.3Recent Events
102.4Contact Information
103Panasonic Corporation
103.1Company Profile
103.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
103.2.1Video Surveillance Products
103.2.2Surveillance Monitor Products
103.2.3Network Security Camera Products
103.2.4Analog Security Camera Products
103.2.5Evidence Collection System Products
103.3Recent Events
103.4Contact Information
104.1Company Profile
104.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
104.3Recent Events
104.4Contact Information
105.1Company Profile
105.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
105.3Recent Events
105.4Contact Information
106.1Company Profile
106.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
106.3Recent Events
106.4Contact Information
107QinetiQ Limited
107.1Company Profile
107.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
107.2.1Bomb Disposal / Explosive Ordnance Disposal Products
107.2.2Reconnaissance Robot Products
107.2.3Hazardous Material Detection (HAZMAT) and Fire-Fighting Products
107.3Recent Events
107.4Contact Information
108Rapiscan Systems, Inc.
108.1Company Profile
108.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
108.2.1X-Ray Baggage and Parcel Screening Products
108.2.2X-Ray Baggage Inspection Products
108.2.3Medium and Small Parcel X-Ray Screening Products
108.2.4Pallet and Cargo X-Ray Screening Products
108.2.5Air Cargo X-Ray Screening Products
108.2.6MobileCheck Inspection Products
108.2.7Advanced Technology Options
108.2.8Cargo and Vehicle Inspection Products
108.2.9Hold Baggage Screening Products
108.2.10People Screening Products
108.2.11Radiation Detection Products
108.2.12Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) Product
108.2.13Counter Bomber Product
108.3Recent Events
108.4Contact Information
109.1Company Profile
109.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
109.2.1Interception Products
109.2.2Ground-based Air Defense Products
109.2.3Ballistic Missile Defense Products
109.2.4UAV Products
109.2.5Airborne Surveillance Products
109.2.6Maritime Surveillance Products
109.3Recent Events
109.4Contact Information
110Rockwell Collins, Inc.
110.1Company Profile
110.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products and Services
110.2.1Integrated Hazard Surveillance Products
110.2.2Traffic Surveillance Products
110.2.3Soldier System Products
110.2.4Control Systems
110.2.5Industrial Control Components
110.2.6Information Software
110.2.7Sensing Devices
110.2.9Network Technology
110.2.10Safety Technology
110.2.11Industrial Security
110.3Recent Events
110.4Contact Information
111Safran S.A.
111.1Company Profile
111.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
111.2.1Biometric Identity Solutions
111.2.2Public Security Products and Solutions
111.2.3Aviation and Border Security Products and Solutions
111.2.4Explosives and Weapon Detection Products and Solutions
111.2.5Biometric Products and Solutions
111.2.6UAV Systems
111.3Recent Events
111.4Contact Information
112Salient Sciences
112.1Company Profile
112.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
112.3Recent Events
112.4Contact Information
113Schneider Electric
113.1Company Profile
113.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
113.3Recent Events
113.4Contact Information
114.1Company Profile
114.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
114.3Recent Events
114.4Contact Information
115.1Company Profile
115.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
115.3Recent Events
115.4Contact Information
116Smart China (Holdings) Limited
116.1Company Profile
116.2Contact Information
117Smiths Detection Inc.
117.1Company Profile
117.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
117.2.1Product Lines
117.2.2Cargo, Container & Vehicle Screening Products
117.2.3Chemical Identification Products
117.2.4Liquid Explosives Detection Products
117.2.5Explosive/Narcotics Trace Detection Products
117.2.6People Screening Products
117.2.7Security Checkpoint Solution Products
117.2.8Radiation Detection Product
117.2.9Chemical Agents Detection Products
117.3Recent Events
117.4Contact Information
118Sony Corp.
118.1Company Profile
118.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
118.3Recent Events
118.4Contact Information
119Speech Technology Center
119.1Company Profile
119.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
119.2.1Intelligence Services Products
119.2.2Forensic Analysis Tools Product
119.3Recent Events
119.4Contact Information
120Suprema Inc.
120.1Company Profile
120.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
120.2.1Biometric Devices
120.2.2RFID Products
120.2.3Scanning Products
120.3Recent Events
120.4Contact Information
121Synectics Plc
121.1Company Profile
121.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
121.3Recent Events
121.4Contact Information
122Tandu Technologies & Security Systems Ltd.
122.1Company Profile
122.2Recent Events
122.3Contact Information
123Texas Instruments
123.1Company Profile
123.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
123.3Recent Events
123.4Contact Information
124Textron Inc.
124.1Company Profile
124.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
124.2.1ISR Aircrafts
124.2.2UAV & UGV Products
124.2.3Protection Systems
124.2.4Special Forces
124.2.5Smart Weapon Products
124.3Recent Events
124.4Contact Information
125Thales Group
125.1Company Profile
125.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
125.2.1Air-Borne ISR Products
125.2.2Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Systems
125.2.3Security Systems
125.3Recent Events
125.4Contact Information
126Total Recall
126.1Company Profile
126.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
126.3Recent Events
126.4Contact Information
127Unisys Corporation
127.1Company Profile
127.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
127.3Recent Events
127.4Contact Information
128.1Company Profile
128.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
128.3Recent Events
128.4Contact Information
129Vialogy LLC
129.1Company Profile
129.2Safe City & Smart City Products
129.3Contact Information
130Vigilant Technology
130.1Company Profile
130.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
130.3Recent Events
130.4Contact Information
131Zhejiang Dahua Technology
131.1Company Profile
131.2Homeland Security & Public Safety Products
131.3Recent Events
131.4Contact Information
133Research Scope & Methodology
133.1Research Scope
133.2Research Methodology
134Disclaimer & Copyright


Table 1Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry Revenues [$B] – 2015-2022
Table 2Competitive Analysis: Barriers to New Entry, Supplier Power and Barriers to Substitution
Table 3Global Geopolitical Scenario 2022 Outlook
Table 495 Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry, M&A Cases
Table 5European Homeland Security and Public Safety Standards


Figure 1Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry Revenues [$B] – 2015-2022
Figure 2Government – Industry Homeland Security & Public Safety Life Cycle
Figure 3Government – Private Sector Techno-Tactical Technology Assessment Process
Figure 4Homeland Security & Public Safety Industry – Government Relationship
Figure 5The Homeland Security & Public Safety Vendor – Client Inter-Relationship
Figure 6Homeland Security & Public Safety Marketplace: Supply & Demand Relationship
Figure 7Counter Terror & PS Segments Products by Supply & Demand

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